Massimo Troncone

Massimo Troncone

PhD Candidate in Political Science

ETH Zurich

About Me

I am a PhD candidate in political science at the European Politics Research Group at ETH Zurich.

My primary research interest lies in electoral institutions and politicians’ behavior. In the first paper of my dissertation, I take advantage of the two-tier elections to the Italian Senate to study the political consequences of malapportionment. In the second paper, I exploit original data on church renovations across Italy between 1948 and 1994 to study the clientelistic relationship between the Christian Democrats and the Church. Currently, I am also collaborating on various projects on ethnic politics, with a particular focus on minorities’ political preferences and cultural integration. My research typically combines observational data with standard methods for causal inference.

On this page, you can find information about my research and teaching. Feel free to drop me an email for further requests.

  • Electoral Institutions
  • Legislative Behavior
  • Distributive Politics
  • EU Politics
  • Visiting Scholar, 2022

    Washington University in St. Louis, USA

  • PhD Political Science, 2020 - Present

    ETH Zurich, CH

  • MA Comparative and International Studies, 2020

    ETH Zurich, CH

  • BA Scienze politiche e sociali, 2018

    Università di Torino, IT

  • BA Politikwissenschaft, 2017 (Erasmus)

    TU Dresden, DE

Working Papers

📄 Massimo Troncone. Malapportionment, Legislator Effort and the Representation of District Interests. Evidence from the Italian Senate. Under review.

📄 Massimo Troncone and Roberto Valli. Minority Status and Support for Supranational Integration. Under review.

Work in Progress

📄 Massimo Troncone and Roberto Valli. Who pays for the Church? Electoral Institutions and Religious Clientelism in Post-War Italy.

📄 Massimo Troncone and Roberto Valli. Jumping Ship or on the Bandwagon? The Effect of Electoral Defeat on Party Preferences.


  • Contemporary European Politics (Spring 2022, 2023)
    ETH Zurich, graduate course, co-lecturer

  • Methods I. Research Design and Data Collection (Fall 2023)
    ETH Zurich, graduate course, teaching assistant